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HISTORICAL SANTIAGO Code:SCL401 From $45 Per Person*

Duration:Half-day. Frequency:Tuesday to Sunday, year-round.

:Regular transportation,Guide,Entrance fees to museum,Craft shops.

Begin at the city’s civic center, which focal point is the neoclassical La Moneda Palace. Completed in 1805 (after more than 20 years of off-and-on construction), the building was the home of Chilean presidents until 1958 and today is the seat of the government. Continue through narrow streets of downtown to the Pre-Columbian Museum, which is considered one of the world’s best with a permanent collection of more than 1,500 ceramics, textiles, and other remnants of ancient cultures. Proceed to the Plaza de Armas, a picturesque square surrounded by the 18th-century Cathedral Metropolitana, the National Historical Museum, and the central post office. Nearby, housed in an exquisite 19th- century wrought-iron building, is the Central Market, a colorful conglomeration of seafood, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Stroll along Parque Forestal, past the Fine Arts Museum to Santa Lucía Hill, which was the site, in 1541, where the city was founded and is now a sanctuary of gardens and fountains . Head back to the old district on Bernardo O'Higgins Avenue, admire the grand houses on República Avenue. Finally a visit to a craft shop. Return to the hotel.

PANORAMIC SANTIAGO Code:SCL402.$38 Per Person*

Duration:Half-day. Frequency:Daily, year-round.

Regular transportation,Guide,Craft shops.

The excursion begins by touring the main avenues in the city’s civic center. Highlights include La Moneda Palace, which was completed in 1805 (after more than 20 years of off-and-on construction). The neoclassical building was the home of Chilean presidents until 1958, and today is the seat of the government. Continue exploring narrow streets, eventually arriving at the Plaza de Armas, a picturesque square surrounded by the 18th-century Cathedral Metropolitana, the National Historical Museum, and the central post office. Leaving downtown, head toward Parque Forestal, which leads to the Fine Arts Museum, and Bellavista, the artsy, bohemian center of Santiago. Ascend Santa San Cristóbal, a beautiful public park whose peak the perfect place for a panoramic shot of the city is crowned with a 118-foot statue of the Virgin Mary. Descend and travel the other direction to the neighborhoods of Pedro de Valdivia Norte, Las Condes and Vitacura, the modern commercial districts and great places for shopping. Return to the hotel.

CONCHA Y TORO WINERY Code:SCL403. $35 Per Person*

Frequency:Daily, year-round.
Includes:Private transport (car or minibus),Guide,Wine tasting.
Itinerary:Drive South out of Santiago past La Florida, a new suburb, in the southern districts of Santiago. The excursion includes a visit to one of the two winneries described below: Cousiño Macul winnery: Founded in 1856, at the foot of the Andes. The winnery is one of the most traditional and still owned by the direct descendants of Matias Cousiño, after six generations. The main construction is one of the most beautiful and was designed by a French architect. Concha y Toro winnery: Founded in 1883, the country’s largest wine exporter. A complete guided tour of the facility begins in the vineyards, some of which were planted by its founder (and noted winemaker) Spanish nobleman Don Melchor de Concha y Toro himself, covers every step of the wine-making process and includes a wine tasting. The excursion continues with a drive through Maipo Canyon, a great place to examine the Andes in all their stunning, eternally snow-capped glory. Return to Santiago.


Duration:Full day.
Frequency:Daily, year-round.
Includes:Regular transportation,Guide,Craft shops.
Itinerary:Travel out of Santiago past the vineyards, farms, orchards and olive plantations of Curacavi and Casablanca valleys. At the coast, drive along the beaches of Las Salinas and Reñaca to Viña del Mar, a town Chileans refer to as Ciudad Jardín (Garden City) due to its parks, flower beds and gardens. The beach is the resort’s main draw, and visitors and locals alike make use of Costanera Avenue and the oceanfront promenade in the shadows of the imposing Casino Municipal. Follow España Avenue to neighboring Valparaíso, a port christened by the Spanish in 1536. Climb up, down and around these narrow twisty streets the city is balanced on some 40 hills and pause at the water front to watch the ships, boats and fishemen in the bay. The tour proceeds to the heart of the city, the Plaza Sotomayor, a pleasant sanctuary, opposite the Maritime Authority. Inside the plaza is the Monument to the heroes of Iquique, a memorial for those killed during the War of the Pacific. Just beyond this is Muelle Prat, the pier complete with small crafts market. Lunch (not included) can be at one of the many restaurants that border the beach; the perfect opportunity to sample the port’s famously fresh fish and seafood. At the afternoon, visit La Sebastiana, another of poet Pablo Neruda’s homes-turned-museums, ride one of the city’s many elevators, an effective mode of moving about this largely vertical port back at the turn of the century. Ascendor Artillería, built in 1898, is one of the oldest still in operation and offers a beautiful view of the ocean. Finally, enjoy a drive through the financial and commercial districts before setting out for Santiago through the Curacavi Valley, where traditional Chilean sweets and snacks are for sale.


Duration:Full day.
Frequency:Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, year-round.
Includes:Regular transportation,Guide,Entrance fee for museum.
Itinerary: Enjoy the ride out of Santiago, through the beautiful Central Valley. Hit the coast at San Antonio, a busy port town check out the market if time permits then head northward to Cartagena, a town which hills fall abruptly to the sea, Costa Azul, Las Cruces, and El Tabo. Last stop: the peaceful Isla Negra, a small resort made famous by its most famous inhabitant, the renown poet Pablo Neruda. Neruda won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1971. He passed away in 1973, and this, reputedly his favorite of his three houses, is now a museum, an eclectic assembly of the poet's many collections miniatures, vessels, colored bottles, fine glassware and seashells, to name a few as well as his manuscripts. The house and its ocean view served as an everlasting source of inspiration for Neruda, and both are absolutely enchanting. Enjoy a relaxing lunch (not included) at one of the restaurants in town. Return to Santiago in the afternoon through the seaside resort of Algarrobo.

A DAY IN THE COUNTRY: OLMUE Code:SCL503.$90 Per Person

Duration:Full day.
Frequency:Wednesday and Sunday, year-round.
Includes:Private transportation (car or minibus),Lunch,Guide specializing in wine,Entrance fee for museum,Wine tasting.
Itinerary:The wine circuit of Colchagua Valley is a must for any wine enthusiast. The wines coming from this region, about an hour and a half south of Santiago, differ remarkably from those produced in Aconcagua Valley north of the capital. Taste the wines and tour the vineyards of Pueblo Antiguo, which was founded in 1978 by Don Sergio Torreti Rivera, and La Posada, which was bought by Spaniard José Díaz in 1905. The vineyards sat idle, however, until 1960 when Eduardo Díaz Escandón began working with grapes. Fine La Posada wines were finally produced in 1985. After the tours, stop at the Museum of Colchagua, an esteemed private museum created in 1994 and renown for its pre-Columbian artifacts, gold pieces from the Moche culture, amber exhibit, and historical documents. Return to Santiago.


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