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San Pedro de Atacama is an oasis village fed by two rivers and surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, including the Andes Mountains, volcanoes, salt flats filled with flamingos, high plateau, grassy river beds and salt crusted caves. It is at an altitude of 7.920 feet/2.400 meters.

San Pedro’s history starts with civilizations from 10,000 years ago, and its people, traditions and culture of today descend from the Incas, Aymarás and Atacameñans. The village has an excellent museum, numerous restaurants, a historic church, and a wide variety of crafts sold by local people in the town market. Outlying streets are shaded with twisted desert trees and lined with lovely, hand-hewn fences.

Getting to San Pedro is easy thanks to many daily flights from Chile’s capitol city Santiago to the Calama airport. San Pedro is an hour drive from Calama.

The high Altiplano of the Atacama Desert has rivers, green canyons, lakes, geysers, salt flats with flamingos, sand dunes and natural hot springs. Our experienced guides look forward to showing you this unique and spectacular place.

The Andes Mountains and the Domeyko Range glorify the area with their snow covered peaks. More than eight volcanoes are visible from the Hotel, one still active. The peaks were once buried under the sea, but now reach over 21.000 feet (6.000m).

The desert air is clear and the light is magical. The stars and the Milky Way are unforgettable and amazing, so much so, that one of the world’s largest observatories and telescopes. Proyect ALMA is now under construction with financing from the US, the EU and Japan.



The people who have learned to live in this hostile beautiful high country have a rich cultural heritage that has long been the sourcebook for archaeologists. These are people with a great respect for nature, who live in harmony with the cosmos, and who have made communities built on solidarity and reciprocity. Cultures have existed for 10,000 years in the area. Traditional lifestyles in the outlying villages reflect the people’s close connection with the earth.

A wonderful museum in the village captures the cultures of the Incas, Aymaras and Atacameñans in a collection amassed during the 20th century by a beloved local priest, Father LePaige. We will show you archaeological sites such as the abandoned village of Tulor, the ancient fortress or Pukara of Quitor and traditional adobe churches. Festivals and religious ceremonies occur throughout the year and reflect the continuity between then and now. Crafts, textiles, and other folk arts are still practiced and can be found at the local market.


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