Historical Desert Oasis

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In past centuries, San Pedro people lived in small communities made up mainly of extended families called allyus. The allyus used canals to share water, they also pooled labor and reflect the early stages of community life. Tierra Atacama’s land is part of the Allyu de Yaye.

Tierra Atacama
is built where an old cattle corral existed centuries ago and where herders bringing cattle from Argentina to the port of Antofagasta would stop for water and alfalfa during their journey. The adobe walls surrounding the property were part of the original Corral and are today preserved as a monument to the history of the place.

A full archaeological dig was carried out on the land under the hotel before the hotel was built. We have preserved the dig site to provide guests a window into the practice of archaeological research.

The dig site is an exclusive feature of the Tierra Atacama Hotel and Spa.


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