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Days of leisure in Patagonia
WHAT IS REMOTA A hotel, so, so far away, hard enough to reach that you !

A destination so marvelous and beautiful in itself,That it is looked forward to like a good party,Or a celebration with family and friends,And it is dream of for years, days and hours. A hotel so distant from the city,That is immersed in nature and the cultureOf a remote and untouched place,But yet so close to the comfort to which the city has got That it may also offer some essential luxury,So that going out for a walkMay be a pleasure all year round, and not and epic victory. 

The hotel’s architectureIs an invitation to stopAnd meditate on the trip’s experience,In the splendor of the remote, At a site that is characteristic of Magallanes,Not that of their houses, of British origin, slightly isolatedbut that of the warehouses.Inside there are, for example,Some open fires, lit and with no exhaust system…All is made to lead a life in Patagonia just as it should be,But this time not in a shearing house,But in a enjoyable and luxurious one.


We all some times daydream about spending a week of leisure in a remote place.A place so far away that, even if the cell phone has signal strength or the laptop is online,You are disconnected from what binds you to your daily chores; to turn of the palm pilot and forget day to day responsibilities to become a child again to only worry about what isgoing on outside…rather than indoors. 

A hotel that is far, far away, where it is hard to reach and you have to deserve but at the same time is such a marvelous and beautiful destination that it is an anxiously anticipated like a good party until the day finally arrives. 

A hotel far from the city : enough to become engulfed in nature and the culture of a placeThat is unspoiled and remote, but so close in the comforts to which we have grown accustomed and with certain essential luxuries that make a walk in the fresh air a year-round pleasure and not a fear reserved for sports adventures.

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