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Days of leisure in Patagonia
Excursions We offer 14 different outings throughout a region that is a true global reserve of natural and cultural beauty, within the Torres del Paine ad beyond the mountains and cattle ranches located in the vast plains where once native cultures lived such as the Ona or Huilliche nomadic hunters who impregnated the geography with tales and legends narrated by the first explorers such as Magallanes and later the scientist Darwin.

To live this unbelievable, there are 3 types of programs consisting of 3,4 and 7 nights. There are also a variety of outings to places whose mystery and splendor isUnforgettable.Our guests can choose daily from any number of trips accompanied by a bilingual guide.To round out the experience and in addition to the Torres del Paine National Park, weHave excursions that contact the guest with the people and culture of Chile’s Patagonia.

Our programs are:

- 3 nights Wednesday to Saturday    

- 4 nights Saturday to Wednesday

- 7 nights Wednesday to Wednesday or Saturday to Saturday


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