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Antarctic Dream Expedition
11 Day Expedition Travelling to the South Shetland Islands and the
Antarctic Peninsula

This expedition offers you the ideal introduction to the Great White Continent.  Departing from and finishing in the port of Ushuaia, we take in the most exciting sights of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.  Our program is orientated to the viewing of wildlife and the breathtaking scenery of narrow waterways, glaciers, icebergs and the rugged mountains.  The itinerary given below is the 11 day expedition. Of course no two expeditions can be exactly the same so the itinerary outlined here is for your guidance only: the Captain and the Expedition Leader will assess conditions daily with the intention of maximizing your time ashore. This means taking full advantage of opportunities to land passengers with our zodiacs and making best use of the light of the long summer days. 
Antartic Dream:


South Expedition

Antarctic Dream Expedition (11 days / 10 nights)

Day 1: Ushuaia – Argentina
Passengers board the "Antarctic Dream” where you will be greeted by our Expedition Leader and staff and shown to your cabin.  Our departure is scheduled for 7:00 pm
Days 2  to 3: Drake Passage
Wandering albatrosses, storm petrels and other seabirds will escort the vessel as you sail south across this famous passage named after Sir Francis Drake, the 16th-century English navigator. We will continue towards the Antarctic Convergence, a biological barrier where cold polar waters sink beneath the warmer waters of the more temperate zone. In 1819, the British explorer William Smith described the South Shetland Islands as "barren and covered with snow, with seals in abundance". Yet, mosses and lichens thrive during the short summer at the low-lying peninsulas of these rugged islands located directly adjacent to the Antarctic Peninsula. 
Day 04: King George Island
King George Island will give us an early taste of what the Antarctic really is. It was discovered by the British adventurer William Smith in 1819 and is the biggest island of the South Shetlands; nearly 90% of it is covered by the Collins glacier.  Prior to departing, and if the weather is good, we will offer passengers a short helicopter over-flight to admire the immensity and beauty of the landscape*. If conditions do not allow us to fly we will disembark in Potter Bay and visit the Argentine scientific base, Jubany. Here there will be great chances of finding marine elephants.In the afternoon we will disembark at Aitcho Island which is in between Greenwich and Robert Islands and is part of the South Shetlands. We should be able to see Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins as well as Weddell Sea seals and sea elephants before continuing with the crossing of the Bransfield and Gerlache Straits to enter Andvord Bay where we find Neko Bay.

Day 5: Antarctic Peninsula & Neko Bay
Besides the magnificent scenery of mountains, snow and ice, in Antarctica you can expect to see a wide variety of the native wildlife, including thousands of nests of Gentoo, Chinstrap, and Adelie penguins. Other birds to look out for are blue-eyed shags, gulls, cape petrels, skuas, snowy sheathbills and Antarctic terns. Marine mammals that you are likely to see include Weddell crab-eaters and leopard seals while Orcas, humpback and mink whales may be spotted at close range.  This area is also of substantial historical interest and was extensively explored by several expeditions during the 19th century. Passengers should feel the same sense of excitement as the early explorers as you keep a lookout from the Bridge or other vantage points while your vessel threads her way through this dramatic and pristine region.
The program includes your first landing on the White Continent (Neko Bay) and another on Port Lockroy (Gaudier Island). Neko Bay was discovered by Adrian de Gerlache, a Belgian explorer between 1897 and 1899 and it is called Neko after the Norwegian whale ship which operated in this area from 1911 to 1912 and from 1923 to 1924. Port Lockroy is close to Wiencke Island in the Antarctic Peninsula and was the principle base of the 1944 Tabarin Operation - the scientific research included the Antarctic’s first ionosphere measurements and also the first recording of an atmospheric whistle.

Day 6: Pleneau - Petermann Island
We sail south through the narrow Lemaire Channel whose high, sheer cliffs suggest that no passage could be found. Once through the channel, known as one of the most beautiful places in the world, and provided climate and ice conditions are good enough, we will be able to visit Petermann Island which is the most southern land point of our expedition. Here we will disembark and will be able to see the most southern colony of Gentoo penguins which nest near our landing spot. On this island we will also be able to see a colony of beautiful Adelei penguins, skuas and blue-eyed shags. At Pleneau we should have the opportunity to take our zodiacs and visit impressive ice formations.

Day 7:Paradise Bay – Cuverville Island

At this point of our program we will begin our return voyage. During the morning and, stressing again that “if weather permits”, we will disembark or use our zodiacs in Paradise Bay. This is one of the most striking places of the whole Antarctic Peninsula. Here glaciers tumble into the sea; icebergs break off and are later carved into wonderful shapes by the wind and the sea.
In the evening we will visit Cuverville Island. Beside its dramatic scenery it is home to one of the largest colony of Gentoo penguins and skuas. This rocky island is on the north side of the Errera Channel, between Ronge Island and the Arctowski Peninsula. It has been noted that reproduction of Papua penguins, giant petrels, Wilson petrels, skuas, and shags take place on Cuverville Island.  Most visitors find the viewing of such abundant wildlife is every bit as rewarding as the magnificent Antarctic scenery, and you will be enchanted by these waterways. Navigating and exploring these channels is certainly one of the highlights of a visit to the Peninsula. Unfortunately on some trips they may be choked with icebergs and pack ice.

Day 8: Deception Island – Whaler’s Bay – Pendulum Cove
We continue sailing to Deception Island which is at the northwest side of the Peninsula. Deception Island is the largest active volcano in the area and one of the main sources of seismic and volcanic activity in the Antarctic. Sailing through the narrow passage into its huge flooded crater is a thrilling experience. Do not forget to bring your bathing suite as swimming in this water is a unique experience.
During the morning we will try to disembark in Whaler’s Bay and Pendulum Cove. In the afternoon and depending on weather conditions we will disembark at Hannah Point (Livingstone Island). This is one of the best places in the Antarctic to see fauna and we should see Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins, giant petrels, Wilson petrels, skuas and blue-eyed shags. With luck we should also see sea elephants.
Days 9 to 10: Drake Passage
Today, we will leave the Antarctic and head north back across the Drake Passage. Now is the chance to compare and revise notes and dwell on the adventures of the past week, to take in the final lectures and to enjoy the delicious gastronomy on board as you return to Ushuaia.
Day 11: Ushuaia, Argentina
After and early breakfast we will land at 9:00 am and bid farewell to our guests. Thus ends an incredible and unique expedition.
Please note that you should regard this itinerary as a guide only; our exact route and program varies according to the weather conditions we encounter.  Flexibility is the key to success for all expedition of the M/V Antarctic Dream. The vagaries of conditions in the south compel us to draw to your attention that Antarctic Shipping S.A. does not own nor operate helicopters. Helicopter services are provided by an external company. The flights are dependent on weather conditions on King George Island (day 4 of the program). The flight will be approximately 10 minutes and it will have no extra cost for those passengers who have paid full fare. Antarctic Shipping S.A. will use reasonable efforts to provide passengers with this service but is not responsible if the service is not fulfilled for any reason.
We highly recommend scheduling your arrival in Ushuaia with at least one day in advance in order to avoid any flight delays.


Lay Out M/V Antarctic Dream Ship
General Specifications Antarctic Dream Ship
-39 Double Cabins
-4 Decks
- 02 Suites Cape Horn Deck.
-02 Suites Piloto Pardo Deck
-16 Superior Cabins Shackleton Deck
-19 Cabins Amundsen Deck
- 4 Zodiacs,with capacity for 20 passengers.
-Private bathroom with shower or tub
-Closed TV circuit
-Individual/central heather
-Satelite and or mobile telephone connection
-Safe deposit box.
Program Included
  • 1 night of stay in a Hotel in Punta Arenas
  • Accommodations in the cabin of your choice
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and aperitif on the menu
  • Wine and cocktails
  • Admission into Library
  • Use of gym and sauna
  • On board talks and expositions
  • Reference material about the region
  • Expeditions on zodiac boats.
  • 2 helicopter flights
  • Transportation Airport-Hotel-Port (one way)
  • Emergency Medical Attention
Program Not Included
  • Transportation not described in the program
  • Laundry, use of Internet
  • Telephone Calls
  • Meals and drinks NOT included on the menu
  • Travel or Health Insurance
  • Tips
Departure Dates 2006 - 2007 - Antartict Dream
(11 days / 10 nights)
09 / 19 / 29
09 / 19 / 29
08 / 18 / 28
07 / 17/ 27
Antarctic Dream Rates 2006 - 2007
  Cape Horn Piloto Pardo Shackleton Amundsen
   (11 days / 10 nights)
  Values per person.
Single Cabin: 50% additional of the value by passenger in Double cabin
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Cancellations must be written, specifying the cause and assuming responsibility of the corresponding penalty. Once the reservation has been confirmed by Gotolatin, the following charges will apply for cancellations made by the passenger, according to the program departure date:

  • 100 days before the beginning of the cruise
    US$ 500 per passenger.
  • Between 100 and 0 days before the beginning of the cruise
    No refund applies.
  • There are no refunds for portions of the program not used, hotel accommodations, etc.
  • We recommend considering Travel Insurance for any reason.

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